• “An adventure story that encapsulates both a physical and spiritual journey. . . interesting and original with some startling contrasts between the ordinary and the extraordinary.”

    – Bookseller & Publisher

  • “A mesmerising tale of the real, unreal and surreal. . .”

    – Weekend Gold Coast Bulletin

  • “The sharp depiction and the emotional force of the narrative are impressive. Still more striking is Dub’s ability to maintain the reader’s fondness for her eccentric characters. . . Flight is an effective, well-written and glimmering novel with well-drawn characters, a good sense of place and a satisfying number of twists along the way.”

    – Flinders Indaily

  • “This tightly written contemporary gothic tale grips readers from the first page. . .”

    – Busselton Dunsborough Times

  • “Flight is propelled by passion and sincerity as well as the rapid trajectory of the story line. It’s a novel that will speak particularly to those who find themselves troubled by a sense of powerlessness over their lives.”

    – Tasmanian Times


‘That one will be the death of her father . . . mark my words, the death of him.’

So says the prophecy that accompanies Fern’s birth. Her mother, fearing the wrath of the baby’s father, is forced to give Fern up for adoption.

Twenty years later, Fern is haunted by strange dreams and the sense that something is wrong. Her family and friends think she is losing her mind but Fern is convinced that someone is after her.

Seeking to unlock the mystery, Fern takes flight onto the streets of Sydney, where she meets two unlikely allies: Cassie, a woman cursed with the gift of clairvoyance, and Adam, an ex-soldier tormented by his past. As danger looms, Fern and Adam embark on an adventure which takes them far into the labyrinthine depths of the Tasmanian wilderness, where Fern must finally confront her demons.

Interwoven with myth and metaphor, Flight is both a metaphysical thriller and a love story. It is an exploration of personal identity and transformation, as well as a strong social and environmental commentary on the need for news ways of perceiving the world in which we live. In short, Flight is a parable of our times.

  • “Just finished your novel, and wow! It’s a great read, nourishing at many levels, many questions arise, and a sense of recognition in identifying with the ‘patterner’. . . Thank you for such a story.”

    – Reader

  • “I have just finished reading Gathering Storm.  I initially read Flight and it had such an impact on me, that I straight away hit google trying to find other stories you had written.  Flight impacted me spiritually and got me thinking about my life and the path I am travelling.  I also thoroughly enjoyed Gathering Storm and didn’t want it to end.  I don’t know what it is about the way you write, but it somehow invades my heart, the core of my being.

    ‘I have never enjoyed reading stories so much and I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent and creativity.  I have also never written to an author either so I guess that’s another first for me!”

  • “I want to plug a book of fiction here that has lots of connection to “New Story” themes. Flight is pretty fantastic. So well-written, it immediately sucks you in with its mystery and serendipity. I’m only about 100 pages in, but I’m pretty “wow-ed” by it.”

    – Reader

  • “Congratulations on a fascinating, enjoyable and multilayered story, with a gorgeous central character. Flight is an unusual and rewarding combination of spirituality, romance and suspense, and some stunningly beautiful writing.”

    – Reader

  • “Flight is completely lyrical. I LOVE it. I don’t want to put it down.”

    – Reader