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    – Adelaide Advertiser

  • “A deeply moving fiction debut in which Dub examines the virtue of truth, the harm of lies, the pain of secrets, the desire for belonging and the difficulty of confronting ones past to ensure the future.”

    – Weekend Gold Coast Bulletin

  • “A gritty sandblown kind of story that once begun gets into your consciousness with compelling insistence. Yes, it’s a page-turner and yes, it’s a thriller-cum-rite-of-passage tale. . . The strength of Dub’s ability to tell a story and hold an audience is clear in this first novel of hopefully many more. It is a book of many pathways to the heart and soul, of not only a country but families who deny the truth of who they are and what they strive to protect. . .”

    – Sunday Tasmanian

  • “Here we have a Tasmanian writer with a first novel that grabs you from the very first page. Well written, it is a compelling story that takes the protagonist on a journey of self discovery. . . We will hear more from Rosie Dub; well done.”

    – Tasmanian Life

  • “. . . a fascinating story of discovery, generations, Romany lore, Australia, and of Storm herself.”

    – Cairns Post

Gathering Storm

English artist Storm Cizekova grew up believing that her mother died when she  was born. But then Storm finds a photo of herself in the heart of the Australian desert – and in her mother’s arms.

Haunted by unanswered questions, Storm embarks on a journey of self-discovery that will challenge everything she holds dear: her family history, her art, even her relationship with her partner Max. Who is she really, and where does she belong?

Her search will take her from the snow-covered Malvern Hills in England to the rich red heart of the Australian outback. Retracing her mother’s footsteps through the stark beauty of the desert landscape, Storm hopes to find the courage to confront some shocking truths from her past and the strength to face her future.

Gathering Storm explores the nature of truth, the power of lies and the damage they leave in their wake. It is about identifying and breaking free of negative patterns, by turning around and facing the monsters in one’s life and taking the journey from anger to forgiveness and compassion – it’s about becoming oneself and living one’s life in relation to that, instead of through the wounds that can be inherited from one’s ancestors, from one’s culture, and created through the experience of living.

Gathering Storm
  • “My mother gave me a copy of Gathering Storm to read a few months ago. I just wanted to write and let you know how much I enjoyed every aspect of the book. I have just passed it onto my grandmother, she is really enjoying it.”

    – Reader

  • “I’ve finished reading Gathering Storm, and it really was a wonderful experience. I enjoyed – or maybe that’s not the right word as some of it is quite traumatic – I was absorbed in every minute of it.”

    – Reader


  • “I have just finished reading your book and wanted you to know how much I enjoyed it. I loved the journey you took Storm on. It is a good book to give people who are searching and trying to find out who they are.”

    – Reader


  • “Thank you so much, I absolutely loved Gathering Storm. Both Storm and Kita were such intriguing characters, and the unfolding of their stories utterly captivating. I devoured the pages this past weekend, though I wish I’d savoured somewhat, as sorry to have completed it already.”

    – Reader

  • “I finished Gathering Storm yesterday afternoon and want to pass on my gratitude. There were so many layers to it and I was deeply effected. Thank you for teaching us by a beautiful example of how enriching, rewarding and encouraging writing can be.”

    – Reader